The Benefits of Dancing as Exercise
Lift your spirit and stay fit with dancing!

Do you want to stay fit? If you want to lose some pounds and tighten those muscles, all you have to do is dance! In recent studies, it has been proven that dancing not only helps the body, but the mind and spirit as well. Lift your spirit and stay fit while enjoying the benefits of dancing as exercise.

The Benefits of Dancing as Exercise
When dancing, you’re moving and learning steps as you move. This puts your brain cells to work. Dance exercise increases the level of brain chemicals that develop nerve cells. A spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise stated that ballroom dancing twice a week decreases the development of dementia. Also, people who have Alzheimer’s disease are better with memory recovery after dancing to music that they know and love.

No matter what you enjoy dancing– ballet, jazz, country, swing or ballroom– it’s a great way to burn calories and get some excess weight off. A 150 pound person can burn off 150 calories with 30 minutes of dancing. You’re also tightening the muscles that aren’t used while walking or sitting. So, get up off of the chair and start getting fit with a few dips and sways!

A person who’s depressed should get up and do a two-step. This action will lift their spirit to get them out of that deep blue funk. Doing the funky chicken will lift that tired soul and make your spirit soar to new heights! It will cause new levels of creativity, turn sadness into joy, spark new friendships that will turn into fun times and just may cause a smile. This is all good for the soul and your body.

Dance is good for all ages– young or old. The young are getting exercise and learning something new. People 50 or older can pick their own level of dance. An older person can start out with a waltz, and as they get in better physical shape, they can kick it up to jazz or country line dancing. Even if you’re in a wheelchair you can dance. There are special classes for handicap dancing. Dance is a great way for people to meet others their own age, with similar interests. Making new friends is always good for the spirit and soul.

Get up off of that chair, get away from the TV and find a place that offers dancing for exercise. Meet new people, improve your body, mind and spirit by having a few laughs and enjoying life while dancing.