Walking or. Jogging: Which is better?
Is walking or jogging as exercise better for you?

Is walking or jogging a better workout? The answer to this question is a debate that will continue for our lifetime and beyond. There are so many opinions on this subject. Both walking and jogging as exercise are great for your cardio workout because you need to get your heart pumping to make the most of your exercise routine, but is one really better than the other? How do you decide which is better for you personally?

Walking or Jogging
Many people choose to combine walking and jogging because there are benefits achieved from both. Some walkers will gradually increase their walking speed until they’ve reached the point where they are jogging. An exercise routine can be the exact opposite as well. Some joggers will start off jogging and end their routine by walking. Many use walking as a method to warm up prior to jogging.

The overall goal, whether you choose to walk or jog, is to achieve a cardio workout to keep your cardiovascular system in top shape. Jogging as exercise will give you a more demanding workout than walking, unless you’re a speed walker. Jogging will have your entire body off of the ground and have you breathing harder and faster, while when walking, you’ll have one foot on the ground at all times. Plus, walking takes longer to bring your heart rate up. You will have to walk longer to achieve the same workout that jogging offers.

However, jogging as exercise is harder on your body. Jogging is jarring on your joints with each foot fall, and it can take its toll on your joints. For this reason, it’s very important to wear proper shoes that are made for jogging. The proper shoes will slow down the damage to the joints throughout the body, shin splints and a number of ailments that can arise from jolts caused by foot fall while jogging.

Walking is less stressful on the joints; therefore, many believe it’s better for the body. You still receive your cardiovascular system workout with walking, and it’s great for people who have limitations because of health conditions. Even with arthritis, heart disease or a muscular diseases, such as MD or MS, exercise is needed to keep the depilating effect of the disease at bay. This can often be accomplished with walking. Even though walking is less strenuous, an ideal pair of shoes is still needed.

No matter which you choose, jogging or walking, they are both great for a good cardio workout, which is needed for a healthy body and mind. You can choose to walk, jog or combine the two. Just get up and get moving!